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Let Nature Cure You!

Let Nature cure you...

Since the birth of our planet, we were already provided with all the essential elements to support our living. Mother Nature has not only provided us with food, shelter and clothing but has also provided us in abundance with all natural remedies to cure illnesses from the most basic ailments such as insect bites to the most complicated diseases such as cancer. During the olden days, our forefathers have concocted different kinds of remedies to cure just about any ailments. They used twigs, vines, roots, leaves, flowers and all other parts of trees and plants to produce herbal remedies. With the advent of civilization and numerous scientific breakthroughs, plants have been studied and used to formulate new drugs.

Unfortunately, most drug manufacturing firms have used this need for treatment towards moneymaking, and because of this, modern scientists have opted to formulate synthetic drugs since they can be reproduced in a shorter period of time and in the comforts of a manufacturing laboratory. Ironically, bacteria and viruses have also replicated and formed more vicious counterparts which have resisted the earlier drugs discovered thereby prompting scientists to create newer generation antibiotics to combat these new strains. Simply put, it's an endless battle between synthetic drugs and new bacterial and viral strains; each outwitting one another. The sad part is, the person harboring the disease has become a guinea pig...a battleground between the two elements, and more often than not, the person only benefits from the effects of the synthetic drug for a short period of time, but eventually succumbs to the ever stronger bacteria or virus. The result is irreversible damage, and even worse, death.

More manufacturing laboratories have continued to study and formulate newer synthetic drugs to combat these complex strains using billions of dollars in research and development while some others, finding no recourse in the ultra-modern medical world, have shifted back to the old course - going back to NATURE. Plants have again been thoroughly studied and slowly but surely, gained back the limelight they have lost for generations of being put in the backseat with the advent of Modern Medicine. Now, they are again in the forefront of battling diseases. The rise in the usage of herbal medications has steadily increased and more people have been educated with the health benefits of our humble plants. More and more, people have become aware of the benefits of traditional medicine. It is less costly, has minimal to zero side effects, and highly effective.

Now more people have started to use herbal remedies to treat illnesses such as cough and colds, rheumatism, allergies, fever, boils and many others. A lot of studies have been geared at formulating herbal medicines that will cure cancer, AIDS and newer strains of viruses. Man has again worked hand in hand with nature to combat these diseases.

 So if you are sick, let Nature cure you!

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