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From the old company Super Natural Health Sense, Co (SNHSC), Partz Enterprise was born. It took over what was left behind by SNHSC to continue its vision and mission. Partz Enterprise is proudly an all-Filipino company and duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industries. It strives to continue the legacy of SNHSC and to develop new products that are in line with keeping up with good health.

Our humble beginnings have created an unsurpassed vision of providing something better than what has already been around for centuries. Our motivation is rooted in our desire to eradicate a growing health crisis in today’s very sick world. More and more people are now aware of the various forms of alternative medicine. The new trend nowadays is rediscovering the ancient form of healing where the body heals itself without the use of synthetic drugs.

Our team is composed of highly proficient individuals whose dedication is transcendent and have spent years in research and development to come up with herbal preparations which are not only highly effective but also inexpensive. We have utilized only the best organically-grown herbs which have been proven safe and effective and have been used for thousands of years by our forefathers. We followed strict compliance to assure the best therapeutic efficacy of our products setting aside the placebo effect in all our preparations. Our team of specialists have correlated their studies with a German Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Dr. Oliver Hill, M.D.A.M. to assure maximum potency and effectiveness of all our preparations.

We may be neophytes in the manufacturing business and we may just be a mere “David” to pharmaceutical “Goliaths”; but we have steadily worked our way to make all our products as benchmark in the field of Alternative Medicine.  


Should you have questions, comments or queries regarding our product, feel free to send us an email addressed to or you may click on "Contact Us".

Business Address:  Highway 11, Talamban, Cebu City

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