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What makes Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO) a superior liniment?

Posted by Partz Enterprise on December 30, 2008 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (7)

Herbal oils, also called herbal oil extracts, are traditional herbal remedies used to relieve muscle and joint pains, treat, nourish and revitalize the skin. Beneficial effects are achieved through the combination of herbs using gentle nondestructive oil extraction techniques.

Liniment, (or embrocation) from the Latin linere, to anoint, is a medicated topical preparation for application to the skin. Preparations of this type are also called balm. Liniments are of similar viscosity to lotions (being significantly less viscous than an ointment or cream) but unlike a lotion, a liniment is applied with friction; that is, a liniment is always rubbed in.

Liniments are typically sold to relieve pain and stiffness, such as from sore muscles or from arthritis. These liniments typically are formulated from alcohol, acetone, or similar quickly evaporating solvents, and contain counterirritant aromatic chemical compounds such as methyl salicylate, benzoin resin or capsaicin. Opodeldoc is a sort of liniment invented by the physician Paracelsus. Absorbine Jr is a trade name for a brand of liniment for human use widely sold in the United States. The stronger version, Absorbine, is for horses. Traditional Chinese medicine features a wide variety of different liniments, with applications ranging from topical anaesthetics used in bone setting to simple sore muscles and bruises, such as Dit Da Jow or Ligusticum. (Excerpts taken from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

Herbal oil extracts are 100% natural and contain no artificial additives, preservatives or stabilizers.

Not all herbal oil liniments are compatible to four blood types, according to the Wahiman Method [The Science of Brain Dominancy and Blood Type Nutrition]. This method was pioneered in the Philippines by Prof. Edd Wahiman, Master in Fitness and Nutrition. He is a Filipino scientist and the Father of Natural Medicine in the Philippines. For additional information regarding this method, you can read also "Blood Type Nutrition" by Peter J.D. Adamo, a famous nutritionist.

Based on the Wahiman Method, food colors are color-coded to a specific blood type. White, green, gray, black and blue are compatible with blood types A and AB while food colors yellow, orange, red, violet and brown are compatible with blood types B and O. He further states that there is a specific part of the medicinal plants which are neutralizers and are compatible to all blood types.

The good news is, Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO)? is prepared from plant parts which are neutralizers making it compatible to all four blood types.

Incompatibility of plant ion to our blood ion will cause the blood to coagulate causing weakness to our system thus making it susceptible to diseases and allergies.

Placing Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO)? at the medulla oblongata twice a day prevents stress. Right-handed persons and left-handed persons according to Wahiman Method have different movement patters, exercise counting, etc. All messages for bodily functions are transported to the brain through the nerve and passes through the spine. With Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO)? at the medulla oblongata, all messages that pass through it are corrected prior to reaching the central nervous system (CNS or the brain) making the action beneficial to the body.

Placing a small amount of Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO)? on the nostrils filters carbon monoxide and other free radicals. Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO)? as a neutralizer oil has moving negative ions which screen or filter free radicals (positive ions).


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